Lynn Javens

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Greetings and hey thanks for clicking on and reading a bit of my story!

My husband Todd and I have been married since 1991. We have twin children Landon, our son, and Eaden, our daughter. The four of us joined the discipleship of Hosanna in the year 2000. As a family we enjoy camping, hiking and quiet time at home together with a good movie and yummy snacks.

It has been a privilege of mine to be a part of the Hosanna staff since 2004.  I get to work with God in helping small groups move, grow and mature with the knowledge that when we follow Jesus in our homes our families get stronger.  When we follow Jesus together, we get the support we need.

We get stronger and get the support we need when we live with high joy, high attachment from the heart Jesus gave us. “Jesus, our example of One who lived from His heart” shows us that giving and receiving life produces the joy and love bonds to keep us in healthy relationships with each other and God.

Remember today that…..

  • God Delights in you!
    • His Face shines on you always!
      • You are His people
        • Jesus is glad to be you…….

You  are  His  Joy!