Paisley the Therapy Dog

Paisley is a female Golden Retriever who is 4 years old. The Dimmel family has had golden retrievers in their home for 20 years, and are very knowledgeable about this breed. We have trained Paisley to be calm and caring around all ages of people. Paisley enjoys roaming at her country farm house and playing with our four children and other pets.

A therapy dog is a dog who volunteers with their pet parent to provide comfort and support to people in settings such as churches, schools, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. Paisley’s purpose is to provide relief to those in anxiety-provoking situations, bring comfort to those who are grieving or lonely, and offer affection to people who are at Hosanna Lutheran Church.

If you have a therapy dog and would like to volunteer your time/pet, please reach out to Heather Dimmel at