Pam Schultze

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After a severe burnout as a special education teacher, I left my profession, unsure of what God had in store for me but sure of one thing: God loved me and had a purpose for my life. I had volunteered at my church in Mankato for years, raising my three sons under that same roof and enjoying women’s retreats, vacation bible schools series and helping with music. Then, one day, as we sat in worship, my husband watched the announcements scroll by and said that maybe I should apply for a job as Hosanna’s custodian. Working in my church was a way to connect with others and fill a need. That application led to years as… you bet… the custodian, then a part-time secretary and then volunteer coordinator and finally full-time as our “Face” at the front desk working as the wedding/baptism coordinator and receptionist. During that time, I realized that there are no big jobs or small jobs for God. Just jobs, set before us, that glorify God and help His people. To this day I am grateful that I applied for a 12 hour a week job, cleaning toilets. It has been a joy, no matter in what capacity, to serve the One who saves us and puts us to work for the Kingdom.