Building Bounce: How to Grow Emotional Resilience

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Starting on January 10th, an 8 week session on resiliency will meet in U4 from 6:30-8.

Let’s face it: Life is hard. We all get overwhelmed at times. But some people seem to bounce back from their upset emotions faster than most. Are they just born happy? Or is there a secret to building emotional resilience that anyone can learn?

Building Bounce explains the theory behind growing emotional resilience and provides practical tools you can use in a variety of settings, such as growing your own emotional capacity, parenting children in ways that build joy, and helping others who live low-joy lives learn the skills that grow joy.

The good news is that wherever you are starting this journey, growth is possible. People used to believe we were victims of the wiring in our brains. We now know that our brains can be rewired. In Building Bounce you will learn how to train your brain by building habits that increase your ability to bounce back from the hard things in life. 

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