Connections Ministry Volunteer Opportunity

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We once again have the opportunity to serve the Connections Shelter. What a blessing that we can be the hands and feet of Jesus and serve those who are experiencing homelessness in our city. Hosanna has been assigned the week of February 14th-20th. There are many opportunities for everyone to serve this season – those with minimal contact, direct contact, or no contact at all.

The shelter’s new address is:

First Presbyterian Church

220 East Hickory Street

Mankato, MN. 


To sign up for a shift,  select a meal, serving position, or morning volunteer shift. Again, Hosanna’s week is February 14th-20th. Make sure to scroll down to find the correct dates.

 For meal sign up and serving positions, click here.

For morning volunteer shifts, click here.


After signing up you will receive a confirmation email including important information for your specific area of service and another e-mail from the shelter for your background check, which is required to serve.

For a description of each service area, click here.

To view the morning volunteer guidelines, click here.

To view the meal guidelines, click here.

For Connections Ministry Covid Policy, click here.


If you’re unable to volunteer but would still like to help the shelter, you can donate by visiting their website and clicking on the yellow “donate” button or by putting your labeled donation in an envelope and putting in the weekly offering at church.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Carolina Koopmans at: or 507.327.3940