Red Letter Challenge

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A challenge. Regardless of the type of challenge, why would someone choose to take one on?
According to a bike trainer regarding a tough workout, her reasoning was:
“This ride is going to be a challenge. But challenges grow you and make you new. You were not
meant to stay the same, you were meant for something greater. So, let’s tackle this challenge
together and give it everything you’ve got!”
What a great motivation for a workout! And how true for our relationship with God as well.
God doesn’t want us to stay the same. He wants us to follow Him with everything we’ve got
and grow!
During the season of Lent, join the accountability of a small group as together we take on the
challenge of following Jesus by studying His words! Few things stretch our faith more than
actually getting involved and doing the things God is asking us to do. Throughout the 40 days
the team will take Jesus’ words, the ones that are written in red letters in our Bibles, and put
them into practice as we grow closer to God as well as each other. The Red Letter Challenge will
specifically focus on 1) Being 2) Forgiving 3) Serving 4) Giving and 5) Going.
Remember—challenges aren’t easy and there will be barriers to overcome. But change doesn’t
happen without putting in effort…and with the reward of getting to know Jesus more, there is
no greater challenge to embark upon. Join us!

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The Red Letter Challenge is for anybody and everybody. Young and old. Men and women.
Churched and unchurched. New Christian, life-long Christian, non-Christian. It’s for anybody
who’s looking for something more in life.

Childcare is available. The study begins with a potluck dinner from 6-6:30,
followed by the study/discussion from 6:30-7:30pm. Childcare will open at 6:30. Additionally,
feel free to join other study members during worship Saturdays from 5-6pm each week for
further connection, if desired!