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By the grace of God and my sister she has found your church and passed it on to me via text message. My two daughters 11 and eight and I 45 just lost my husband in March to pancreatic cancer who was only 49 years old. Since then my anxiety has been so bad, I am in fear for my health even though I don’t have anything wrong with me that I am aware of. I was my husband’s sole caregiver and watching him battle his cancer took a toll on me and our daughters! We are fierce believers in God and Jesus but do not have a church. I i’m looking for a church to get closer to God and to be with people that also love God. I’m looking for prayer for my anxiety I’m looking for prayer for my eight-year-old daughters anxiety who fears that something will happen to me the way it happened to her daddy! I also found out today that my brothers lung cancer came back but also spread to his prostate. I am so upset by all this cancer killing people so much it’s an epidemic!!! My heart is breaking for all cancer patients. Please pray for my girls and I, please pray for my brother Patrick and all the others suffering from this horrific disease. In Jesus Name!!! Amen! Thank you so very much!! Colleen H.

Received: June 7, 2019