Getting to Know Dementia

A community based training created by Teepa Snow. Teepa is a known around the world for her training for people living with dementia, care partners, professionals and families of people living with dementia.

During the six 1.5 hour sessions you will cover the following:

“What is dementia, really?”

“What brain changes are noticed when dementia is diagnosed.”

“Seeing more than loss-Teepa’s GEM states.”

“Positive approach skills”

“How to be an advocate”

“How to build a support team.”

Sessions will be presented by Jane Unzeitig, RN, a Dementia Care/Trainer Specialist and certified Positive Approach to Care Coach.

Sessions will be offered on 6 consecutive Mondays at 1:30pm and 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.


The cost is $10 per session, paid at the time of attending. You only need to pay for the sessions you attend.




Nov 06 2023


All Day