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Confirmation Journals are a study guide to help students understand what we believe and why. The lessons are devotional in nature and include questions for reflection and response. There are 11 units containing 49 lessons total.

service hours

10 Service Hours will need to be completed before students can sign up for a confirmation worship service. After volunteering, fill out the "Service Hours Completion Form," and turn in to Jon Zellar.


possible volunteer site list
service hours completion form

small group attendance

We expect every student registered in the confirmation journey to attend their HosannaStudents teaching and small group time on a regular basis. If students are in 9th grade and above we expect them to be active in Wednesday night senior high youth group. Students also can choose to stay in worship and complete Worship Notes. There are links below for the forms that need to be completed. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jon Zellar at

online worship notes
printable worship notes

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Once you have completed all the necessary elements for confirmation, you will need to sign up for a confirmation service. Sign up below for the service you will be attending.

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